Fitness routine at home

These are dark days for all fitness enthusiasts.

However, maintaining a fitness routine in this crisis is too important. Anxiety and uncertainty are the best friends of stress, and stress, as we know it, has its consequences. It is our duty to practice social isolation over the next few weeks, but we can not just sit, eat, send news 24 hours a day and let the negative energy overwhelm us. On the contrary, we must maintain our regular fitness routines, not only to combat stress, but also to prevent loss of intensity. Anyone who cares about their physical fitness with the least investment can have the following pieces of equipment at home:

  • One-handed weights – ranging in weight from three kilograms to as much as you can lift over your head with one hand.


  • Jump rope – Even in isolation, you must work on your cardio.


  • Resistance bands – of at least two different levels of resistance. They are great for basic mobility exercises.


  • Kettlebell(s). At least one weight, determine the weight depending on your skills and experience.


  • Suspension system – nice to have. Suspension systems like TRX are portable and allow for a variety of workouts.


However, even without equipment, it is enough to be creative. There are a number of exercises for the whole body that you can perform only with your own weight.

And of course, if you have children – involve them in your daily training routine. Kids want to repeat you, and on the other hand, you turn your training into fun for the whole family