The gym is with daylight, spacious, with a height higher than the standard, professional ventilation, equipped with the complete and state-of-the-art TECHNOGYM program. PURESTRENGTH, ELEMENT +, GROUP CYCLE, KINESIS, SELECTION MED, EXCITE +, OMNIA… From the center space which is almost 2500 square meters, the gym is on an area of ​​1000 square meters with special parts for aerobic (cardio) training, circular training , for free weights (specially rubberized floor), part for ground exercises… At each training session at the reception of the center you get a wardrobe key, a small training towel and a large shower or two large, if you are a user of spa services. Each of the wardrobes is equipped with 120 locker boxes, with their own shower cabins, toilets, hair dryers, shower gels in the cabins, washbasins, spacious mirrors. The human body was created to move. In the modern way of life motor activity is strongly reduced. Fitness training compensates for the lack of movement, the muscles become stronger and healthier, the body - tighter, the tone - better. If in doubt about your exercise program, contact our fitness instructors.

Trainings with them are a guarantee for:
  • varied and properly completed exercises
  • harmonization with the current situation of everyone who trains
  • unconsciously to achieve the desired results

You can make an appointment with a trainer by phone or in person. And something important - the appliances in the gym at Synergy are from the TechnoGym series which is a symbol of innovation and achieving a better quality of life. Over 65,000 malls and 100,000 private homes around the world enjoy their devices.
We expect you! Do not postpone today's training for tomorrow !
Always your Synergy Fitness & Spa Center.